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Provocateur -Hair, Makeup and Beauty Therapy Brisbane – Hair / Hair extensions

Hair / Hair extensions

If you want only the best quality for the best price hair extensions in Brisbane – You want Provocateur!

From march we will be offering full hair services from colour correction to style cuts,  Balayage you name it. We will transform your look while you indulge on some champagne on arrival. 

– Precision style cutting  $25 – $40
– GHD Straighten $30
– Curl $55
– any Up-style $70
– $99 Foil Package. 1/2 head Toner Cut Blowdry
– $140 Foil Package. 3/4 head Toner Cut Blowdry
– Ombre/Balayage Package $129

Provocateur’s hair extensions are Russian virgin hair. We can exactly match your natural hair colour or give you a completely different look.

Provocateur’s extensions are NOT dyed or bleached – which most common remy hair is. Russian hair is critical to the longjevity and usability of the hair and how Provoking you CAN look.

The Nano Ring is so tiny and effortless to wear. The Nano-Beads are one tenth of the size of the traditional micro-beads.

How are Nano Bead Extensions Applied?

The extensions are applied in a similar fashion to microbead extensions, with strands of hair in a shoelace type tip in horizontal rows around your head. Small sections of your hair are threaded through the tiny beads; the extension tip is lined up inside the bead close to your scalp and then neatly clamped closed with pliers. These are applied professionally. No glue, no braiding and no heat is used to apply these extensions.

How Often do Nano Beads Need Moving Up?

Maintenance should be kept up every 8-11 weeks for the best results. This involves removing the extensions entirely from your head, then freshly reapplying with new beads securing them once again close to your roots for another 8 weeks of va va voom hair!

ladies please be aware of imitation products out there we only deal with genuine products and have qualified stylists on hand to give you the best results.
our product is guaranteed.

  • NO KNOTTING NO TANGLING you will not have to plait it when you sleep or go to the pools/beach.
  • The NANO ring is up to 90% smaller and less detectable than any other ring system.

* If you would like to purchase and have them sent out please notify me via Contact us or feel free to contact me directly on 04 32 34 3234.

Price includes professional attachment by hair extension specialist and a caring guide to caring for your hair extensions and style cut by QUALIFIED hairdresser.

Initial consultation need to be made 1.5 weeks before application.